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Color Guard at Arlington Cemetery - 2001

The Tejas District Color Guard is comprised of a unit of 48 scouts who present historical flags of the United States. Scouts range from ages 8 through 18 and are active members of Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Explorer Scouts and Venture Scouts.

The flags of the Tejas District Color Guard include the Six Flags flown over Texas: the Royal Standard of Spain, Old French, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the Stars and Bars and the flag of the United States and a collection of thirty-four historical flags.


The Color Guard has presented their flags for various sporting events, civic organizations, government institutions, George Bush's 1999 and Governor Perry's 2003 Gubernatorial Inauguration Parade and served as Honor Guard for President Bush's Inaugural Ball at the Ronald Reagan Center in 2001 and the Celebration of Freedom in 2005.


To request a performance please go to the forms page and fill out the on-line request form.

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